Blackjack Download

Blackjack is one of the most commonly known games on earth. Hollywood gives us pictures of men smoking cigars, sitting in front of a big felt table and telling the card dealer to “hit me again”. But what does that truly mean? Every person who gambles online has dreams of walking away with the pay dirt, but wait, how does one actually take part in the game? Exactly what is the end goal? Here are a few simple guidelines and guidelines to get you started.

1] The purpose of the game when playing blackjack will be to beat the dealer’s hand without being bust. To become bust is to be dealt cards that add up to over 21, in which case the casino dealer wins regardless of what his hand is like.

2] Card Values: face cards are a value of 10 each, aces could be a value of either 1 or 11, whichever makes a better hand.

3] At the start of the game, each gambler is provided two cards, but one of the dealer’s cards stays hidden until the end of the game.

4] Take a quick look at your hand, and if you want one more card tell the dealer to HIT. If you are happy with your hand, tell the dealer you wish to STAND.

5] If lady luck is in your favor, and you are dealt an Ace 11 along with a face card 10 from the start, you’ve got blackjack. Which means you won! The exact amount varies from casino to casino.

6] Doubling is the same as hitting, just the bet is twice its original value, and you receive an supplemental card.

7] You can split your hand if you have two of the same card: the one hand will then be split up into two separate hands. After you split your hand into two, the bet is doubled as each hand gets the value of the initial one.

8] Splitting or doubling only works within the first move, or the first move of a hand produced by splitting.

9] You are permitted to double on a hand resulting from a split, therefore tripling or quadrupling your original bet.

Playing the blackjack download online is exactly the same as enjoying it at a real table in a casino. The above guidelines should help you on your way to being a seasoned blackjack player very quickly! Get a hold of any version of the Blackjack Download game for your computer to learn in your own time, then play for cash online.